Control4® Vibrant 5-Channel DMX Decoder


Description5-Channel DMX Decoder

Vibrant 5-Channel DMX signal receiver/decoder is installed in-line between the Creative Lighting DMX Gateway and the Vibrant tape light. This decoder translates DMX signals into the PWM control signal used by RGB and tunable white LEDs, and allows for flawless integration into new and existing DMX installations. Seamlessly integrate color-changing tape light easily for temporary or permanent applications.



  • DMX 512 RDM decoder
  • RJ45 XLR5 or direct wire capable
  • 8-bit or 16-bit PWM output resolution ratio
  • 500Hz – 30KHz output PWM frequency
  • – 9.9 gamma value output dimming curve range
  • Metal housing with digital display
  • 8A max per channel (5 channels: 96W @12VDC 192W @ 24VDC)
  • Decoder mode operation
  • Requires 12-24V DC driver (sold separately) for operation

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